1. — Are you really going to leave all of this up to a couple of kids?
    — They’re more capable than you think.

  2. how could you know what it feels like to fight the hounds of hell?

  3. there’s always hope

  4. Teen Wolf » Magic Bullet (1x04)

  5. cromwyll:

    colour palettes : teen wolf season 3; episode 13 “Anchors” 

    "Be your own anchor."

  6. Scallison + season 3

    "You need to tell her how you feel. Just say it. Say it again. Say it differently. Learn how to say it better. Learn how to sing it. You know, just write it in a poem and a letter attached to flowers, carve it in a tree, in a sidewalk with cement– tattoo on your arm.”

    "I always wanted one. I just decided to get it now, to make it kind of a reward. For not calling or texting Allison all summer. Even when I really wanted to, even when it was so hard not to sometimes. I was trying to give her the space she wants. Goin’ four months later, it still hurts. It still feels like a, like an open wound.”

  7. Someone could be falling in love with your smile